To create Fire TV Apps with Amazon Creator, you need to provide a feed URL with information about your videos and metadata.

You can use Tappla to turn your videos from Vimeo and live streams into a video feed URL optimized for Amazon Fire TV (MRSS).

It's in private beta now - contact us if you want to test it out.

For those testing our feed, please note:

  • Your feed contains HLS streaming URLs. This helps to deliver the best streaming quality. When you're configuring your app in Amazon Creator, the browser preview plays HLS content fine as long as you use Safari. If you use a different browser you might get a playback error. This only happens in the browser preview as browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, do not support HLS.
  • You can merge multiple showcases into one MRSS feed. This is crucial if you want to have a category navigation bar in your Fire TV app. With our feed, Amazon Creator reads each showcase as a category and will populate the category navigation bar in your app accordingly (we use your showcase title as the category name).
  • f you update your MRSS feed, the app preview page in Amazon Creator (Manage Apps > Preview) might not reflect the updates, even when reloading. Probably your browser is caching old files. Clear your cache or open an Incognito/Private tab.
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