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Vimeo Collections: Showcases & Channels
Vimeo Collections: Showcases & Channels
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To define the exact videos that shall appear in your Apple TV app as on-demand videos, we use your 'Collections' from Vimeo. 

Vimeo here gives you two options:
a) Showcase (formerly known as Albums)
b) Channels

You can add as many Showcases and Channels from Vimeo to your app as you want. Each new Vimeo Showcase / Channel that you add will create a new row on your (on-demand) video section in your app.

You can choose whatever you prefer. We recommend Showcase as it is a more straightforward solution. A Showcase in Vimeo is simply a group of your videos (aka playlist). 

Note that Vimeo just recently renamed 'Albums' to 'Showcase'.

1. How to get the Showcase URL from Vimeo:

2. How to add the Showcase URL to your app

  • Login to Tappla and go to your Contents page

  • Select the "multiple playlists" option and click the "add playlist" button

  • Copy and paste your Vimeo Showcase URL into the field and click "Add"

  • Click the "Publish" button at the end of the page to save your new settings.

In this video, I do a quick walkthrough of how to do it in your Tappla dashboard:

Good to know:

The Showcase / Channel in the first row will show up in your Apple TV App as a teaser playlist (bigger thumbnails than the other playlists).

The Showcases / Channels of the other rows will show up below the teaser playlists and we use the name of each Showcase / Channel as the title for each row. 

When you add new videos to a Showcase / Channel in Vimeo, they will automatically show up then also in your Apple TV App (just note, that there might be a delay of up 2 hours).

How to create a showcase in Vimeo

Log in to your Vimeo Pro Account and go to your Video Manager. In the top navigation, hover over your profile image and click “Videos,” and then in the left sidebar “Showcase”. In the new window, click the plus sign (+) to create a new showcase.

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