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Vimeo Integration / Access Token
Vimeo Integration / Access Token

This is how you obtain your Vimeo Access Token to setup Vimeo as streaming source.

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So that your Apple TV App has the rights to access the streaming urls of your vimeo videos, you need to create an app in Vimeo Developer. This takes only 3 minutes and here we tell you how to do it step by step:

  • Login to Vimeo Developer with your normal Vimeo login details.

#2 Then click the blue + Create an app button located at the top right of the page:

  • Enter an App name & App description. This is just for your internal use, the app name and description will not be publicly visible.

  • Select "No. The only Vimeo accounts that will have access to the app are my own."

  • And agree to Vimeo API Terms and click the Create App button

#3 On the next page go to the "Authentication" section:

  • Check the Scopes: 'Private' and 'Video Files' (we need it so that we can read out the necessary videos and playlists).

  • After you've selected the Scopes, click the 'Generate' button.

  • You'll then find a new section called 'Personal Access Tokens'. Immediately make a copy of the Token and save it. You will never see it again. If a new one needs to be generated, then your Tappla Vimeo configuration will need tobe updated as well. 

  • Enter your Access Token in your Tappla Dashboard > Contents > Vimeo. (Please copy it with the Clipboard in order to avoid errors.)

It's important that you check the Scopes 'Private' and 'Video Files' when you generate the Access Token. In this screencast video you see how to do it step by step:


  • You must have a Vimeo Pro account so that streaming works. This is a limitation by Vimeo. 

  • Your videos on Vimeo can be private videos.

  • You define what videos you want to appear inside your Apple TV app. Therefore just organize your videos on Vimeo in Showcases or Channels and select in your Tappla Dashboard the Showcases / Channels you want to appear inside your Apple TV App. More info how this works in detail:

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