Once you like the look and feel of your demo app, it is time to prepare your tvOS App for the App Store.

1. ) Provide us with info about your App Store Product Page

Without the info for your App Store product page we can't move forward with your app. Therefore please click the link below and let us know you app's name, description, keywords etc: http://tappla.com/appstoreinfo

2.) Enroll In The Apple Developer Program

To publish your App to the App Store, Apple requires you to sign up for the Apple Developer Program. This currently costs USD 99 per year which you pay directly to Apple. 

If you do not have an Apple Developer Account,  please read the following help article to be aware what type of Developer program is the right choice ('Individual' vs 'Organization).

3.) Invite us to your Apple Developer / App Store Connect account

If you have an 'Individual' Apple Developer Account, please do the steps described in this article: http://help.tappla.com/en/articles/3576920-how-to-set-up-provision-and-digitally-sign-your-tv-app-for-the-app-store

And if you're enrolled in the Apple Developer program as 'Organization', then please do the steps described in this article: http://help.tappla.com/en/articles/1616741-how-to-give-us-access-to-your-apple-developer-app-store-connect-account

Note that the app submission process takes time (approx. 1-2 weeks)

Once you provided to us all the info, it takes approx 1-2 weeks until your app is submitted and approved. The exact time frame depends on how many other apps are in the pipeline. 

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