As we will submit your Apple TV app to Apple's App Store for you, you need to give us access to Apple Developer / App Store Connect (so that we can setup, provision and digitally sign the app).

Invite our Publishing Team in your App Store Connect Account:

  1. Log-in to App Store Connect and click on “Users and Access”

  2. Click on the blue 'Plus' button and enter our Name (Tappla Publishing) and Email (

  3. Check the box next to “Admin” under “Roles”

  4. Check the Box Next To “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” under “Developer Resources”. If you do not have the option to do so, don't worry, just finish inviting us without that box checked and we will contact you afterwards with more instructions.

  5. Finally, click the “Invite” button

Note that we can not proceed with your App submission until we have access to your Apple Developer / App Store Connect Account.

If you are stuck, please read also the official help article from Apple:

Let us know in case you have any questions?

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