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Why do my videos from Vimeo do not play in the app?
Why do my videos from Vimeo do not play in the app?

​When you use Vimeo as your video source, you need to have an Vimeo Pro account.

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You have connected Vimeo as your video source, but when you check out your demo app on Apple TV your videos do not play?

Then please first check the following points:  

You need to have Vimeo Pro Account:
If you just have a free Vimeo account your videos won´t play. In that case, you first have to upgrade your Vimeo account (it´s a technical requirement by Vimeo - they only offer video play via API for Vimeo Pro Accounts).

You need to have a Vimeo Access Key:
In order to complete the vimeo integration you need to generate in Vimeo Developer an Access Token and copy and paste this token to your Contents settings. Detailed instructions can be found here:

Check the privacy settings of your videos
Your videos on Vimeo can either be 

  • public (setting in vimeo 'anyone - allow anyone to see this video') 

  • or password-protected (setting in vimeo 'only people with a password')

Either way our platform can extract the streaming URL and show the video in the app. So if you do not want the video to be public on Vimeo, you can use the password-protected security.

Ensure that you do not use the same channel / album twice in the playlist settings: as you probably know you have to organize your videos in Channels or Albums on Vimeo. Each Channel / Album you add on the Tappla dashboard represents a different row (and playlist) in your app. 

  • If you have just one Channel / Album then select the option "1 playlist layout". 

  • If you have selected the option "multiple playlist" ensure that you do not add the same Album / Channel that you have under "Featured Playlist (will appear at top)".

After fixing these things, please check again your demo app. If the problem continue, please contact us.

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