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Go-live checklist

Here is a go-live checklist that you can use to make sure you have everything covered.

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To get a basic custom demo app, it works like this:

1. Connect your Vimeo account during signup and we auto generate a first version of your own custom Apple TV app.

(Tappla does NOT do the video hosting. Instead we stream your videos from Vimeo to your Apple TV app. That’s why you need to connect your Vimeo Account with Tappla.)

2. Customize the app via a visual web dashboard (logos, colour scheme ...) so that your app matches the look and feel of your brand. 

(You can edit the design and content you want to show inside your Apple TV app easily and instantly on our web interface. It is easy and self-explanatory. But if you´re not comfortable doing the changes on your own, we are happy to help you so that the app really matches the look and feel of your brand.) 

3. Instantly check out a demo of your own custom app on your Apple TV 

(To preview your app just download the Tappla App on your Apple TV and load your demo with your demo code inside the Tappla App. We'll email you the instructions how to check out your custom demo app when you finished signup.

4. Depending on your feedback, we even assist you in setting up the app according to your needs. 

(Once you like it, we can start to finish the app and prepare it for submission to the App store.) 

To finish your app and prepare it for submission to the App store, you need to: 

1. Complete all steps mentioned above

2. Give us input about what information you want to display on your App Store product page

3. Give us access to your Apple Developer / App Store Connect account so that we can provision, compile and submit the app for you. 

4. Before we publish the app, you can test the app via TestFlight, Apple’s beta test system. To install this beta test version of your app, you need to install Apple’s free TestFlight app first, which you can download from the App Store. Once we prepared your beta test app, you’ll receive an email from TestFlight - so watch out for this email.

5. If all is good with your beta test app, you then can publish your app inside your Apple Developer account with just one click. 

Questions? Just email us at [email protected]

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