One of the benefits of Tappla is that you can update most parts of your app without having to re-submit your app to Apple's App Store.

We offer a cloud-based web dashboard where you can edit/update most of your app content. However, there are some things that can only be updated with a re-submission of your app to the App Store.

The following updates do NOT require a new App Store submission:

  • On-demand video content: add and remove videos and playlists by yourself
  • Live-streaming: change/update your live events & 24/7 streams URLs by yourself
  • App design: change colors, background images, logos by yourself

The following things can only be updated when re-submitting the app:

Basically all info of your App Store Product Page such as

  • App Name & Subtitle
  • Privacy Policy
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • App Previews & Screenshots
  • App Icon
  • Top Shelf Image
  • Support URL & Marketing URL
  • Description

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