When you sign up for Apple Developer you have the choose between:

  • enrolling as an Individual
  • enrolling as an Organization

Limitations of an Individual account:

  • your public developer name will be your first and last name
  • you cannot invite developers (like us) - so you have to do all setup in Apple Developer by yourself.

Benefits of an Organization account:

  • your public developer name will be your company / organizations name
  • you are allowed to invite multiple users - so you can add us to your account and we can deal with all the setup in Apple Developer

That's why we highly recommend you enroll as Organization.

Even if you enrolled already as Individual, it might make sense to switch to Organization. 

How to switch your membership from an Individual to an Organization: 

To switch you have to submit a request to Apple Developer through their contact us form. You may be asked to submit business documents to verify your organization’s identity.

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