In Vimeo you have 2 options to organize your videos together (to create kind of playlists):

  • Showcase (formerly known as Albums)
  • Channels

You can choose whatever you prefer. We recommend Showcase / Albums as it is the simpler solution. A Showcase in Vimeo is simply a group of your videos (aka playlist).

Note that Vimeo just recently renamed 'Albums' to 'Showcase'. 

Add the videos of your Albums / Showcase to your Apple TV App

On the 'Contents' page of your Tappla Dashboard, you can add your Albums / Showcase and/or Channels.  

The Showcase / Album / Channel in the first row will show up in your Apple TV App as teaser playlist (bigger thumbnails than the other playlists).

The Albums / Channels of the other rows  will show up below the teaser playlists and we use the name of each Album / Channel as the title for each row. 

When you add new videos to a showcase / album / channel in Vimeo, they will automatically show up then also in your Apple TV App (just note, that there might be a delay of up 2 hours).

How to create a showcase in Vimeo

Login to your Vimeo Pro Account and go to your Video Manager. In the top navigation, hover over your profile image and click “Videos,” and then in the left sidebar “Showcase”. In the new window, click the plus sign (+) to create a new showcase.

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