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Vimeo Access Token - Troubleshooting
Vimeo Access Token - Troubleshooting
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Written by Robert Blessing
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You have generated the Vimeo Access Token, but streaming is still not working in your Apple TV App? Then something went wrong when you generated the token. 

Common problems are a) missing scopes (you forgot to check the needed scopes) or b) wrong token (you copied another code, but not the Token you just generated).

a) missing scopes

Before clicking on the "Generate" button, you have to check first the Scopes "Private" AND "Video Files": 

b) wrong token

You need to copy and paste the Token you see under "Personal Access Tokens". Some users in the past got confused and did send us the code that is displayed under "Manage App Secrets" - that's wrong. You need to copy the Token you see under "Personal Access Tokens". You need to copy this instantly as you do not see the code anymore when you come back to that page. 

Further things to consider / check:

  • Have you generated the Token from the same Vimeo Account than the Channels / Albums you connected?

  • Do you have a Vimeo Pro Subscription? A free Vimeo Account or even Vimeo Plus is not sufficient - streaming only is enabled in Vimeo Pro. 

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